I am a good writer.

As my friend Heidi put it, I’m “clear and compelling.”

I’ve loved to write from an early age, and despite my struggles with properly identifying grammar, I know when to use what parts of the English language to make things work. Thankfully, I had a teacher in 7th and 8th grade that understood this and encouraged me to keep writing, despite my so-so grades during grammar quarter of the year. I may not know what a gerund is, but I know how to use it!

When I was in high school, I wrote 30 articles for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, mostly movie and concert reviews, interviews with artists and other teens on various topics, and other lifestyle pieces. I also blogged for Unplggd.com for a year, 3 posts a day, 5 days a week. Unplggd is an Apartment Therapy site, focused on home technology, and we had to come up with the topic, research it, find the related picture and links in addition to writing the posts. Writing for Unplggd was on top of a demanding full-time job.

I have done it for pay, but it’s also part of my nature. I believe that if you have the ability to write, you have a way of managing life in all of its great and small times. Writing gives you the ability to reflect, to process and to bring clarity.

I have also used my writing to sort through what really matters in my life, often as a written prayer. If it isn’t worthy of writing down in a prayer, it’s not worthy of my energy outside of the prayer either.

Writing has opened many doors for me, and turning a phrase into the perfect prose to match its intention is truly urbane and uplifting.

Pic by the trial, found on flickr.