My journey to 300, at least on the posting front, has been a bit stalled…

I thought I was getting over being sick, but just got nailed again by what might be the same bug but it moved to a different part of my body. Last week, it was a head cold, and now it’s a chest thingy that makes breathing really difficult, at least without coughing my head off.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t admit that I’m having a little trouble. I think part of it might be my perfectionist tendencies (if I can’t do it really well then don’t do it), and part of it is not believing that my justification/examples that back up one of the 300 make the thing worthy enough, which also relates to my perfectionist tendencies. For example, I think I have a pretty great decorating sense. People have even said this, both before and after I started this project. But I look around my house, and because I haven’t done things like hang pictures the way I want to (it just hasn’t happened, period–we moved while I was on bedrest, a month before the twins were born, and then the twins took over our lives, in all the right ways!), and I see these shortcomings that make me doubt. But! I need to remember that one of the prefaces I set up is that these are innate qualities, that don’t necessarily rely on my doing something to show them. And since this is a journey that is about my strengths instead of my shortcomings, I need to remember to get over myself and get on with it!