I’m coming up a list of with 300 things that are good about myself, not based on actually doing something (possessing the capability is different than doing), because this is part of my journey toward tackling my demons. For much of my life, I have always thought about what is wrong with me, or that I am only good enough if I’m doing something, and therefore I’ve turned to food as a little “release” if you will, a moment of bliss, that allowed me to escape from feeling bad about myself.

I’m starting a blog about this because my hope is that by sharing with each other what is right and good about ourselves, we remember those things throughout our lives, especially when the demons like negative self-talk rise up, we are able to stay focused on what is good instead of what is wrong.

Three hundred seems like an overwhelming number, chosen to be overwhelming in a good way, a challenging amount to find, but doable, especially in a year.  I’m a mother of twin girls, and my girls were the final impetus for focusing on myself in a positive way, because I want to be a good example to them of what I want them to become.  Ultimately, to offer my best to the world–as a mother, wife, friend–I need to know what I’m good at and what’s good about me and draw on that strength.

My fear of being (or even seeming) arrogant or boastful has held me back in my life, to a fault.  I can see how someone might think this site is either boastful or arrogant.  I mean neither, because I’m looking to find a new equilibrium that allows me to offer my best self to the world, and not be bogged down by constantly reliving every possibly negative thought I’ve had or action I’ve done, and at the same time, encourage others to find the best in themselves, and then give it to the world.

Personally, I also hope that this journey will help me avoid needing to eat my bliss to manage my life, but that I can find all of the great things about myself (and non-food things) to focus on while on this journey called life.

These 300 items are only meant to encourage me–and you if you identify with them–and hopefully spur you on to find your own 300 items.  You are not allowed to feel bad if I have something you want, and the same goes for me.  We are on this journey to encourage and build each other up!  Also, I’m not perfect.  So if you know me, you may have examples of when I didn’t fulfill a certain thing I think I’m good at.  I ask for your forgiveness.


If you’d like to share about your journey, send me an email, or add a comment to this post here (the content of this link is the very similar, but there are a number of differences).